Aneshensel Studio Addition in Calabasas
2009 Santa Fe, NM
Morrison Workshop Addition in Calabasas
2010 Santa Fe, NM

Other Construction Projects:

Burke Remodel
Camino Peralta
2009   Santa Fe, NM

Entwisle Remodel
West Coronado
2010   City of Santa Fe, NM

Feierisen Remodel
La Mariposa
2010   Santa Fe, NM

Wardwell Remodel
La Mariposa
2010   Santa Fe, NM

Kehoe Remodel
Tano Point
2010-2011   Santa Fe, NM

Wright Remodel
Las Campanas
2012   Santa Fe, NM

Parker/Cawley Renovation & Additions
2012   Santa Fe, NM

Blakeslee Remodel
Old Taos HWY
2012-13   Santa Fe, NM

Stoll Renovation
Crazy Rabbit Rd.
2013   Santa Fe, NM

Irick Renovation
Las Campanas
2013   Santa Fe, NM

Chambers Remodel
Morelia St.
  2013-14   Santa Fe, NM

Dunn Studio Addition
Baya Ct.
2014    Eldorado, NM​

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Construction Management
National Cemetery  700'  Historic Wall Restoration Project 
2012  Santa Fe, NM
Kirtlye Parker Designs: Casa Costadino Renovation & Additions
2012 Eldorado, NM
Rose Home Completion 
Las Campanas
2012  Santa Fe, NM
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Fripp Island, South Carolina 1983
Fripp Island, South Carolina 1985
Beaufort, South Carolina 1986
Fripp Island, South Carolina 1988
Fripp Island, South Carolina 1991
Beaufort, South Carolina 1995
Tampa, Florida 2002
Tampa, Florida 2004
Tampa, Florida 2006
Photo Gallery of Homes Built By Scott Walsh  From 1983 to 2006
Photo Gallery of Dohn Renovation: 920 Old Santa Fe Trail
Started April 6th 2015 - Completion October 15th 2015
Old exterior before removal of windows, addition of French doors, raising living room ceilings and new portal. Added extended parapet height.
Winter view
Kitchen renovation
Finished kitchen
Finished kitchen, sitting area and living room
Living room with fireplace and raised ceiling and roof to ten feet.
Finished living room and fireplace
Living room view to new French door location and new portal.
Finished living room and fireplace
New living room with French doors to new portal.
Front elevation with new carport
New kiva fireplace on new back portal
Kitchen remodel
Finished kitchen
Master bathroom shower area remodel
Finished master bathroom shower area
Master bathroom tub area remodel
Master bathroom with new tub and window
Hallway to master suite remodel
Hallway to master suite
Back elevation before portal addition
New portal with fireplace
Calle Corazon
Added 700' Of Stone Wall
Retaining Wall & 800 SQFT Workshop
Add 600 SQFT Workshop
Click On Images Below To Enlarge
Foundation excavation
Forms and steel for footings
Installation of wall forms
Wall forms and footings
Concrete walls after forms removed
Final landscape installation
Final landscape installation
GPS survey placement for monument markers
Winter view
Finished project
Construction Management: Santa Fe National Cemetery Columbarium Wall Construction 
                                           2015 - 2017 Santa Fe, New Mexico
Front entry elevation of main house
New yard walls around to new casita
New yard walls continue to new casita
wall and steps from house to new casita
Entry to casita
Western view of casita
Western view of casita and house
Western elevation of house with new portal
Jablonski/Christman Remodel, Added Portal, Casita, Dark Room Addition
                                         And all new exterior stucco
                                 2017- 2018  Eldorado, New Mexico

Exterior elevation view of kitchen and entry walks
Exterior view of kitchen and enclosed porch.
Northwest elevation at back entry to master suite
South elevation of master bedroom area
Southern elevation of guest house
Main residence kitchen
Main residence living room view back towards kitchen
Living room
Living room view towards master suite
Entry area to master suite
                     Steinhardt Residence Before Total Renovation: 
Work Start January 2018. Completion Scheduled For February 2019
                                     Santa Fe, New Mexico